piccolo anchors

Piccolo Anchors are one of most important pillars upon which the entire piccolo experience stands.
Anchors function as a central pickup point for our Delivery Champions.
Because Piccolo believes in delivering fresh product to customers everyday, our Anchors are not expected to maintain warehousing. This makes Piccolo Anchor program a highly accessible venture.
Anchors are responsible for carrying out pickups from various merchants and then assigning to their fleet of Delivery Champions.
Anchors also define routes for customer orders & assign delivery champions to those routes.
Piccolo Anchor application helps Anchors achieve their goals smoothly by eliminating traditional barriers in delivery businesses.

Anchor Features

App Assisted

Anchor app makes daily operations easier and much faster.

No Collection Hassle

Online Payments every step of the way to make payments & collections hassle-free.

No Warehousing

Directly Collect from Merchants and assign to Delivery Champions.

Become an Anchor for Piccolo

Piccolo Anchors are businesses in their own right. So if you've ever thought of starting a hyper-local high density delivery business; our Anchor program is perfect for you.
You won't need to spend much on equipment and there aren't any educational qualifications or experience requirements. Customers will be provided at fingertips and all bookkeeping & quantity allocations are done automatically by our software.

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