Piccolo Merchants

Piccolo invites fresh dairy units from all over the country to come onboard and sell their high-quality fresh products directly to end-consumers.
Piccolo does not re-brand your product. But takes your brand and its real flavour to a large customer base.

Piccolo takes away the traditional hassles you may have faced – high customer credit, collection issues, slow customer acqusition and inefficient deliveries.

Piccolo helps manage excess milk during flush season better, thereby allowing profit maximisation during lean season. Many dairies and customers are already benefitting from Piccolo. Download app today to register!

Merchant Features

Scale Your Brand

Piccolo grants you access to the already existing customer base on Day One.


No ongoing Paperwork. we maintain comprehensive bookkeeping digitally.

Market Value Added Products

Avoid traditional channels of retailing. Make value added products more visible.

No Collection Hassle

Online payments every step of the way to make things faster.

No Delivery Hassle

Piccolo handles all deliveries and provides Transparent Account Statements.

Create Offers

Create limited time offers to move a lot of product quickly.

Ship Your Orders Stressfree.

Piccolo allows you to be free of your logistics and your delivery hassles by implementing a rock solid delivery system both behind and in front of the curtain.
Order list is provided to you every day at a specific cut-off time and pickup is made on the next morning. Piccolo makes life easier for its merchants so that they are able to dedicate more time towards research and innovation on their farms and plants.

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Being a merchant on Piccolo made my product visible to a lager audience and made my business grow at a much faster pace.

Piccolo made me achieve higher cost realizations for my milk. Deals and Offers on Piccolo help me maintain a healthy fresh inventory.

Submit your application and our Team will guide you through rest of the process.