traditional dairy
at your fingertips.

Piccolo allows you to order a wide variety of fresh same day sourced Dairy products to fulfill all your Dairy needs. Fresh products are home delivered to your doorstep early in the morning.

Dairy has never been this convenient.

Piccolo provides you FSSAI approved products that are sourced from local farms in your area. You get these products from our finely organised catalogue and all deliveries can be managed on your local address giving you highley personalized experience.

Subscriptions to fulfill your requirements.

Piccolo allows you to not only a bird's eye view of your next day deliveries of single orders but you can also subscribe to a dairy plan customized by you so that if your requirements change every day of the week you know we got you covered there.

The most traditional of India's Dairy Consumers
are already using Piccolo for their Daily Dairy Needs.

Col S. Ram
Member of the Armed Forces

Hi, I am moving out on posting tmrw... Thanks for your service and it was indeed classy and was truly impressive.

Mrs Gita Mankotia

I am really impressed by your thoughtfulness and quick response. I must appreciate your way of customer care. Thanks

Mrs Pooja Kaushik

Good quality milk! I really liked it! Thanks Piccolo

उमा शंकर द्विवेदी

शुद्ध दूध की विश्वसनीयता , शुद्ध देशी घी , शुद्ध पनीर देने के लिए हम आपके आभारी है।

Help Guides

Piccolo delivers Fresh Milk and other Dairy products early in the morning.

Piccolo allows you to order Fresh dairy products to your doorstep. FSSAI approved products are sourced directly from Dairy farms and brought to your doorstep.

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