Return and Refund Policy

We have a "no questions asked return at delivery and refund policy" which entitles all our members to return the product at the time of delivery if due to some reason they are not satisfied with the products delivered. We will take the returned product back with us and not charge for the same. Any amount that you may have paid, will remain in your Piccolo balance and can be utilised for future purchases.

Incase you wish to get refund of your entire balance in Piccolo wallet, we will need bank account details in the name of the registered customer and e shall process payment using NEFT. This may take 5-7 days.

Incase of payment failures, if amount is deducted it will be refunded by your bank. UPI mode is the quickest to refund in such cases, hence you may opt to pay using UPI.

Acceptance of returns & refund post delivery is subject to a satisfactory inspection by our customer service team. Please get in touch with us Contact Us button on the app.